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Fun Classes for Children

Spinning Top Activities Centers are dedicated to providing a delightful and enriching experience for children through our carefully designed classes that incorporate music, movement, and play.

Our goal is to create a dynamic and engaging environment where children can explore their creativity, develop essential motor skills, and cultivate a love for learning.

Increase Creativity

In our classes, children are not just participants; they are active explorers, encouraged to express themselves through music and movement. We believe that this combination of sensory experiences and play is fundamental to a child’s development.

From rhythmic melodies to interactive games, our classes are thoughtfully curated to foster holistic growth while ensuring that every child has a blast in the process.

About Us

Give the children space to grow and be creative

Giving children space to grow and be creative is essential for their holistic development. By providing an environment that fosters exploration and self-expression, we allow their imaginations to flourish. Whether it’s a designated play area, an art corner, or simply encouraging outdoor activities, this space enables children to discover their unique talents and interests.

Best Services

Supporting your child's cognitive, physical and creative development

Each session supports your child’s cognitive, physical and creative development. Language skills also improve as we sing songs with different props that inspire children to join in and learn new experiences. Each class will offer new songs and props suchs as parachute, bubbles, puppets, instruments and sensory wands.

Educational Classes
Fun and Enjoyable
Ages 3 Months to 6 Years
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Why Choose Us?

Complete Facilities

Spinning Top Activities is your go-to destination for engaging music, movement, and play sessions in a secure and inviting indoor playground.

Playing Area

At Spinning Top Activities, we take pride in our unique and thoughtfully designed playground, which offers a unique playground set up with slides, roller coasters, climbing frames and more.

Fun Props

Each class ends with popular nursery rhymes and props suchs as parachute, bubbles, puppets and instruments.

3 Months to 6 Years Old

We offer engaging clasees for 3 months to 6 years old. During these sessions, we create a joyful and stimulating environment where children can sing, have fun, and explore our safe and inviting playground.

What our clients say…

Parent Testimonials

Our clients consistently express their satisfaction with the Spinning Top Activities experience. Here are some of the wonderful comments.

We hired Spinning top activities for my sons birthday party. We had soft play and entertainment. Shirley was amazing at entertaining all the kids, my guests were also very impressed. Thank you so much ♥️

    Sonia Patel
    Sonia Patel


    I hired spinning tops for my sons birthday party. Shirley was really easy to work with and the set up and take down of all the equipment was great. She was able to make recommendations for the hall we were using and she had such great knowledge whenever I asked her any questions. The equipment was all clean and safe. Overall it was fab and I would definitely recommend and hire spinning tops again. Thank you so much Shirley ❤️

      Emma Flax
      Emma Flax


      I have been going to spinning tops classes with my daughters since my youngest was under 1. The classes are so much fun and a nice balance of play and then singing which the kids all love. I’ve also used spinning tops for my daughters 3rd and 4th birthday parties. Shirley and the team are so professional as well as being friendly and engaging. They take the stress out of parties and make sure everyone is having fun. There’s a variety of packages on offer and Shirley will always try and accommodate your needs. My kids love spinning tops and I highly recommend them for classes or for a party.

        Deborah Leigh
        Deborah Leigh


        Spinning top is amazing, my daughter absolutely loves it. We’ve been to various different locations and they’ve all been great. Shirley is so so lovely and amazing with the kids. There’s so much for them to play with and the singing is fab too, they use so many great props and really get everyone involved, including the mummy’s. Free tea and coffee as well which is just a lovely extra touch. Overall 1000% recommend.

          Manf Holman
          Manf Holman


          My son absolutely loved the Spinning Tops classes so it was an obvious choice for his 1st birthday party. We booked the toys, singing and a custom balloon arch. Shirley was amazing all the way through - so responsive, professional and organised everything we wanted. It all went brilliantly and he had the best day and I would strongly recommend them and will be using them again!

            Emma Lipman
            Emma Lipman


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